Гидрокат - производство и продажа гидравлических уплотнений и ремкомплектов для гидроцилиндров. Гидрооборудование и запасные части к спецтехнике.

1990: the company has been founded as third-party supplier of tooling and TPU seals for biomedical and industrial application;

2002: the company became one of the preferred third-party supplier of multinational groups
focusing own skills and know-how on production of sealing systems for industrial field and OEM’s;

2006: projecting and tooling construction department has been strongly implemented moving
this branch of the company in a new 800 mq building. Together with the main production area the company is located in totally 1800mq.

2007: ARTIC SEALS Srl has been established and, pursuing a policy of constant and improving excellence, launches on the market its own line of products ARTIC SEALS®: polyurethane and thermoplastic sealing systems either for hydraulic or pneumatic applications, starting from the project work of the profile and tooling equipment to the production of the seal.

2008: ARTIC SEALS s.r.l. enlarges its production plant capacity and moves into a new manufactory site in Rio Saliceto (Reggio Emilia), aiming to offer accurate and efficient service responding to demanding and global market of sealing solutions.

ARTIC SEALS. Catalogo generaleARTIC SEALS. Catalogo generale, 2008 (6,9 mb))
ARTIC SEALS. Общий каталог, 2008